Leo Barros

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I'm Leo, a Computer Engineering grad.

I spent my final year of undergrad conducting research activities in the domain of
Computational Neuroscience
. I am deeply intrigued by the potential applications of intelligent systems in the domains of healthcare and finance. I've also dabbled a fair bit in the web space, developing
full-stack web applications

My ultimate goal has always been to engineer something that improves human life.

I have experience working in:
Languages: C, C++, Javascript, Python
Web Frameworks & Libraries: NodeJS, ReactJS, Next.js, Flask, Bootstrap
Data visualization and analysis: NumPy, Pandas, Seaborn, Matplotlib, Scikit-learn
Database Management: SQLite3, PostgreSQL, MongoDB


Web Development projects

Quarantined Chefs

A platform for home-based chefs to showcase their business

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CS50 Finance

A mock trading platform to buy and sell stocks listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) at real-time prices

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Inspirus 2K21 Website

Event website built for Inspirus 2k21 organized by C-CODES, Don Bosco College of Engineering, a state-wide technical event.

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A design portfolio built for a prominent fashion designer.

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Scholarship Portal

A scholarship portal built using NextJS and auth0 authentication.

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A mobile-centric movie ticket booking system that incorportates OTP authentication and dynamically issues QR-coded e-tickets.

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Machine learning projects

House Price Prediction

An implementation of a Linear Regression Machine Learning Model to predict house prices from a real-world dataset.

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Loan repayement analysis

An implementation of a Random forests machine learning model to predict whether a borrower paid back a loan in full or not. Data from LendingClub.com

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Iris flower species prediction

An implementation of the support vector machine (SVM) classifier to predict the species of iris flowers.

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Categorizing unlabeled data using an un-supervised learning algorithm

An implementation of the k-means clustering algorithm to label and categorize universities as either public or private.

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Research work

Set theoretic data structures

A review paper of the 'Description of a set-theoretic data structure' by David L. Childs

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Large scale brain modelling using TVB

An in-depth report detailing the work carried out as a Research Intern in the field of computational neuroscience at BINN Lab, BITS-Goa

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Computer Simulation of Neuropathology in Schizophrenia

Building a model incorporating region-level abberations charactersitc of a schizophrenic brain. Supervised by BINN Lab, BITS-Goa. Carried out as the Final Year Project for B.E.

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    Courses taken

  • Python for Data Science and Machine Learning by Jose Portilla
  • Web Developer Bootcamp by Colt Steele
  • CS50x 2020 by Harvard University
  • - An introduction to the intellectual enterprises of computer science which started with 1s and 0s and gradually progressed to subjects like C, Python, and full-stack web development.
    -As part of the course, I had to submit 8 (head-scratching) problem sets and one final project. The average grade for all my submissions was ~90%.
    -The problem sets were rather unique coding assignments that were very applicative to real-world scenarios.
    -This was arguably one of the best learning experiences I've had.

  • Masterclass by Neil deGrasse Tyson on 'Scientific thinking and communication'
  • - This course primarily covered the importance of validating claims and overcoming various biases.

  • Training Program on Internet of Things and Robotics organized by Bolt IoT (2016)
  • - Worked to perform various tasks and interfacing with other appliances using the Bolt IoT Module.

  • Workshop on ‘Android App and Game Development for School Students’ by Inventrom Robotics (2015)
  • - Worked with MIT App Inventor, a programming interface based on the popular block-based visual programming language, Scratch.
    - I built apps like text-to-speech, doodle draw, and an image manipulator.

  • Workshop on Robotics for Young Engineers conducted by Inventrom Robotics (2013)
  • - During this hands-on course, I was able to build and experience robots for the very first time at the age of 12.
    - We built a light following robot, a line-following robot, a BlueTooth-controlled robot, and a few more.

    Don Bosco College Of Engineering

  • 🏆 Second place in 'DataHack' at Techyon 2k22 by PCCE
  • -A nation-wide data-oriented hackathon.
    -Developed a solution to verify as much info as possible using the name of a person.

  • 🏆 First place in 'Pitch Tank' at Techyon 2k22 by PCCE
  • -A business idea pitching contest organized with competitors from across the state.

  • 🏆 First place in State Level Business Plan Contest 2021-22
  • -Devised a detailed business plan for my startup, detailing costing, challenges, and a sustainable business model.
    -Gave a video presentation on the same and answered a multiple rounds of questioning by the judges.

  • Executive Member of C-CODES Student Council
  • -Coordinated and executed Inspirus 2k21, one of the largest technical events in the state.
    -Developed the entire event website to handle registrations and provide detailed information.

  • Elected chairperson of First-Year SEEDS Council
  • -Led a team of 6 members to organize 10 events in various domains for the entire first-year batch of ~150 students.

  • Project (Quarantined Chefs) selected as finalist for Idea Competition

  • Loyola Higher Secondary School

  • 🏆 First place in INSPIRUS 2019, a tech competition organized by Don Bosco College of Engineering, Goa
  • 🏆 First place for an informative presentation on occasion of Van Mahotsav (Forest Festival) 2019
  • 🏆 First place in the debate competition at Octavia 2018 , an all-Goa inter higher-secondary event
  • 🏆 Second place in the School Band competition at Octavia 2018 (drummer)
  • 🏆 First place at INSPIRIT 2018, a State level Junior Management Event

For a more detailed pre-college résumé click here

Beyond development

Here are a few initiatives that I took on on my own.

DeveloperSundaysWithLeo (link)

-A coding-teaching initiative with emphasis on hands-on learning
-In a span of 11 sessions went from learning the basics of Python to developing full-stack web applications

LinkedIn Sesssion (link)

-Conducted a webinar on building a good LinkedIn profile.
- Provided a few tips and tricks to connect with like-minded people and leverage opportunities.

Petition to postpone Goa Common Entrance Test 2020 in view of COVID-19 (2020) (link)

- Started an online petition to the Education Department of Goa to postpone the examination in view of the COVID-19 pandemic which garnered over 650 signatures. Was also quoted in the Goan newspaper, ‘oHeraldo’ dated 26 June 2020 for the same.

Student Speaker on the occasion of Van Mahotsav (Hindi for Forest Festival)

-Provided practical solutions for waste reduction and water conservation (Loyola 2019)

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