Quarantined Chefs

•A platform to help home-based chefs showcase their business amidst the pandemic.
•Deployed to the public 1 June 2021 as a non-profit project to help the community amidst the pandemic
•Managed marketing from scratch across social media platforms, garnering 350+ users in 4 days
•Integrated a back-end system to manually approve/ reject listings before they get published

Quarantined Chefs is a non-profit project carried out purely out of good-will for the community in these challenging times. There are absolutely no charges associated with the platfrom and registrations are totally free!

A little back story...

I was at the end of one of the grestest learning experiences I've had i.e Harvard's CS50. The last assignment of the course was the Final Project. The task was simple; use everything you learnt to create something to solve an actual problem that exists around you. With the onset of the pandemic, I noticed there'd been widespread unemployment and a lot of folks have taken to cooking and selling food, be it as a hobby or as a source of income. We've since seen these a growing number of these 'quarantined chefs', be it 9 year olds experimenting with desserts right up to retired professional chefs.

The problem:

Most of these 'quarantined chefs' look to promote their business through social media, which admittedly has a limited reach when it comes to each individual. Yes, food delivery apps do exist which perform a similar objective, but from a personal observation, these apps usually cater to full-fledged restaurants who are able to put out food on demand as they have the capital, staffand other means to do so. In contrast, a home-based chef who could be a home-maker too, wouldn't be able to put out food on demand.

The solution:

A platform dedicated to these 'quarantined chefs' where they could register their listing (for free) which would display the menu, locality, contact details as well as dedicated social media buttons so that you could directly get in touch through WhatsApp, Instagram or call to find out about availability, delivery, new dishes, etc.

Tech Stack


Deployed on Heroku